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Centrifugal Blower
Centrifugal Blowers are used for taking out hot & humid air from the atmosphere and provide static fresh air flow pressure. These blowers consumes less power supply and produce low sound & vibration.
Drive Fans are utilized at various industries that include electrical equipment cooling, aeration, pressurization and ink drying industry. These are simple to mount on the wall & require less maintenance service.
Industrial Burner
Industrial Burners are used in bitumen tanks and sprayer burners. These are made form mild steel and equipped with standard motor, flame sensor, double filter, hydraulic cylinder and furnace oil.
Air Lock Valve
Air lock Valves are provided in different sizes and shapes with seamless finishing. These are designed with different blades which are available in open, closed fixes and adjustable styles.
Dust Collector
Dust collector machines are tensile in strength and do not produce high level of sound & vibration during working operations. These are used at food processing, sugar & whea mills and petrochemical factories.
Pumping Unit
Pumping Units are used for transferring different product items from one place to another that include fuel, castor oils, paints and kerosene etc. These are strong and sturdy in construction.
Bitumen Boiler
Bitumen Boilers provide high performance working and require low maintenance service. The boilers are utilized for setting & roofing purposes and asphalt jointing. They are simple to operate and install. 
Bitumen Tank
Bitumen Tanks are provided in 1 to 50 ton capacity. These are weather proof in construction and can sustain high pressure weight ad temperature. The tanks are easy to install and operate.
Salt Dryer Heater
The Salt Dryer Heaters are the dryer heaters used in tumbler dryer as well as flat bed printing machines. These boast of efficient industrial utilization and ensure easy installation, robust construction and rust resistance.
Outflow Heater
The Outflow Heaters are suitable to lessen the consistency of furnace oil so as to allow an easy flow through pipelines. These are appropriate for fuel storage tanks and draw viscous liquids as well as oils at a preset temperature.
The Exhaust Fans are proffered with the efficiency of airfoil wheels and assist in the industrial supply as well as exhaust applications. These are relevant for pressure blower, product / process cooling; ventilation, commercial heating etc.